Optional remote temperature sensors
Q-Averaging Flange
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Product ID : Q-Averaging Flange
Duct Averaging Air Temperature Sensor - 8 foot
Temperature sensing element
Product ID : R3SC
The sensing element is ruggedized and sealed with a thermally conductive...
FMT Flush Mount Wall Sensor
Product ID : FMT
Indoor flush mount temperature sensor.
D3 Duct mount air temperature probe
Product ID : D3
Air duct sensor is sealed with a thermally conductive compound
Q-Outdoor Mini
Product ID : Q-Outdoor Mini
Outdoor Temperature Sensor NTC 10K Type 2
Q-Strap Mini
Product ID : Q-Strap Mini
Strap-On Temperature Sensor for fluid temperatures 10K-2
Q-Duct Mini 8 inch
Product ID : Q-Duct Mini - 8
Duct Temperature Sensor 8 inch probe Plastic Enclosure
Q-Room Plate
Product ID : Q-Room Plate
Indoor Room Temperature Sensor NTC 10K-2
Q-Room Mini
Product ID : Q-Room Mini
Indoor Room Temperature Sensor Small Enclosure
Q-Room Aero
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Product ID : Q-Room Aero
Room Temperature Sensor Low Profile Attractive Enclosure
Thermal Conducting Paste
Product ID : Thermal Paste
Thermal Heat Conducting Paste