About Us

AIMNET Smart-Building Systems is a Building Automation and Technology company. We design, install, manage and support AIMNET, an integrated technology network installed in many types of facilities to provide monitored and managed technology, energy management and automation services.

AIMNET reduces operations and management costs of a buildings infrastructure and offers companies and individuals within an AIMNET building access to commercial quality technology services at lower costs. AIMNET is a Smart Building System owned by AIM Consulting. AIMNET systems are installed and supported by a network of professional dealers. All AIMNET systems are monitored through a central monitoring center staffed by professionals in their respective fields. We monitor, control, manage and support our systems to be sure your technology services, mechanical, electrical and security infrastructures are operating at their best and are secured. And every step includes reducing energy use and maximizing efficiency. 

AIMNET has been providing HVAC monitoring and control for more than two decades. AIMNET reduces operating costs on an average of 25% by reducing fuel and electric use, monitoring and maintaining system run efficiency, detecting failures and faults before they drive up your costs and eliminating the need for manual intervention. In addition to Energy Management control, AIMNET also provides temperature and thermal monitoring and alarming services for many commercial and medical applications. When temperature is critical, we monitor and log conditions 24/7 to support the needs of temperature critical applications. From server rooms to refrigeration coolers and process cooling systems, we make sure temperatures are right. And when they are not we immediately notify our clients and or dispatch a technician.

AIMNET has been incorporating I.P. based products in many of our applications and have been very pleased with the functions available through the use of many thermostat controller devices. We have therefore partnered with our favorite companies to offer select products line through TemperaureManager.com. We sell, install, manage, monitor, service and support many product lines. In addition we bring more than two decades of experience in providing our customers with a number of value added resources to help improve and take advantage of the many benefits of Proliphix controlled environments.

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Orders typically ship within 24 hours of final payment