About Us

AIMNET Smart-Building Systems is a building automation and technology company located in Cheshire, Connecticut. We offer a broad range of building automation and technology products and services with a heavy emphasis on HVAC controls and Energy Management Systems.

AIMNET has been supplying, supporting and managing HVAC control systems for more than two decades. In addition to HVAC automation and Energy Management control, AIMNET is a full Smart-Building integration company involved in a broad range of IP based systems and technologies. This allows us to not only offer our customers support in heating and cooling control and automation,  but also assist is the networking and integration of IMT controllers from both the equipment and I.P. network infrastructure level.

ABOUT AIMNET & IMT Controllers 
Over our many years in the HVAC control and Energy Management business we have used many different controllers, thermostats, sensors and other control hardware made by many different manufacturers.  The IMT550 controller is one of the most effective, lowest cost per point and easiest to install and use devices we have ever sold. Simply said, it leads the pack when it comes to HVAC management and remote control. There is simply no other device on the market today that provides anywhere near its capability in its price range. For this reason we teamed up with the manufacturer more than 10 years ago and remain a proud partner and dealer today and in the future.

We have also expanded on the product line by offering a wide range of compatible sensors and integrated control devices and services that we have fully tested and use in our own installations. And we make them available to our dealers and customers through our on-line store. We also offer pre-built packages, customized control panels and a broad range of remote management services.